In-House Legal

Uber GC Salle Yoo on Comfort Zones and Seizing New Opportunities

As wonderful a product as Uber is, part of what makes it successful are the lawyers working behind the scenes. In this episode of In-House Legal, host Randy Milch talks to Salle Yoo, Uber’s General Counsel, about the state of Uber’s legal department today, what they expect from their lawyers, and how lawyers sometimes must leave their comfort zones to seize new opportunities. They also discuss handling crazy growth rates, as well as past and future Uber products. They conclude with thoughts on privacy and how the company is working to incorporate it into their services.

Salle Yoo is General Counsel of Uber, the world renowned app-based ride hailing service. Prior to that, she was litigation partner at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP where she represented energy, telecommunications, and technology firms, as General Counsel, ensures that Uber can rapidly expand its global presence and sustain long-term growth in existing markets.