In-House Legal

ACC Value Challenge


On this special edition of In-House Legal, Susan Hackett, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), explores important issues to in-house lawyers and to the outside counsel who provide services to them with two high profile guests.  In the first segment, Susan welcomes David M. Dresden, a law department executive for McDonalds ,  to discuss the successful, global in-house management of legal services across country borders. In the second segment, Susan is joined by Jeffrey W. Carr, the Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of FMC Technologies , to discuss his innovative approach to managing in-house staff and outside counsel costs using performance metrics that reconnect value and cost. And you’ll hear about the new ACC Value Index, designed to help in-house counsel establish an online database for ACC members to share information and rate the firms they believe provide their clients with the greatest value.