Gone Clio

Gone Clio

Host and Clio co-founder Jack Newton invites tech-savvy, legal professionals to share their insights on the newest trends swarming legal technology. Catered towards those looking for both cutting-edge changes and racing to catch up, Newton discusses a diverse range of topics outlining the benefits of moving to the cloud. Learn more about topics such as virtual services, going paperless, free apps to aid your law practice, and more.

Listen to the Latest Episode 10/22/14

Clio Cloud Conference: Bob Ambrogi Interviews Jack Newton, CEO of Clio


Lawyer 2 Lawyer host Bob Ambrogi interviews Clio CEO Jack Newton at the Clio Cloud Conference in Chicago. They discuss the history of Clio as a company and the purpose of the Clio Cloud Conference, the attitude of lawyers towards practice management and cloud computing, and why there is such a low adoption rate. Newton... more »

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