ESI Report

Blending Early Data Assessment and Predictive Coding for More Effective E-Discovery

Most e-discovery specialists understand Early Data Assessment (EDA) and Predictive Coding as independent tools, both used to reduce data during e-discovery production. Kroll Ontrack’s experts are exploring the potential benefits of combining the efforts of EDA and Predictive Coding for a more efficient e-discovery production process. In this edition of The ESI Report, Michele Lange, Kroll Ontrack’s director of thought leadership, chats with Jonathan Sachs and Anthony Diana about syncing EDA and Predictive Coding processes.

Jonathan Sachs is a Senior Account Executive for Kroll Ontrack, where he leverages 16 years of experience consulting in the intersection of law and technology to help clients foster efficiency within their e-discovery portfolios.

Anthony Diana is a partner at Mayer Brown, where he co-leads their E-Discovery and Records Management Group. He has counseled on all aspects of the discovery and management of electronic information including collection, review, and production.