ESI Report

Third Annual ESI Trends Report, ESI Management & Workplace Privilege


In this edition of the ESI Report, host Gina Jytyla, Managing Staff Attorney in the Legal Technologies division at Kroll Ontrack, welcomes Jason Straight, Senior Managing Director for the Computer Forensics and ESI Consulting Group at Kroll Ontrack and Rob Jones, Legal Consultant for Kroll Ontrack in the UK office, to discuss the results and core themes that emerged from Kroll Ontrack’s Third Annual ESI Trends Report. They will also explore important lessons learned with regard to corporate management of electronically stored information and e-discovery best practices. In the Bits & Bytes Legal Analysis segment, Kroll Ontrack Legal Correspondent, Kelly Kubacki will take a look at the discovery order issued in Alamar Ranch, LLC v. County of Boise.