ESI Report

Healthcare, Data Security & Preservation Inadequacies


Hospitals and healthcare facilities routinely collect sensitive patient information that if stolen could lead to damaging personal consequences. In this edition of The ESI Report, host Michele Lange, Attorney and Director of Legal Technologies at Kroll Ontrack, opens the Buzz with experts, Brian Lapidus, Chief Operating Officer in Kroll’s Fraud Solutions division and Alan Brill, Senior Managing Director for Technology Services at Kroll Ontrack, to discuss how health care facilities can strengthen their security to safeguard against data breaches. In the Bits & Bytes Legal Analysis segment, Gina Jytyla, Managing Staff Attorney in the Legal Technologies division of Kroll Ontrack, joins Kroll Ontrack Staff Attorney, Aaron Hall, to discuss the defendant’s failure to preserve electronic data and resulting sanctions ordered in Keithley v., Inc.

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