ESI Report

ESI Year in Review, Sanctions and E-mail Analysis Tools


The 2006 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure amendments have had a huge impact over the past year. On this edition of The ESI Report, host Michele Lange, Attorney and Director of Legal Technologies at Kroll Ontrack, kicks off the Buzz with expert, Jonathan Redgrave, partner at Redgrave Daley Ragan and Wagner in Washington D.C., to get his insight on the impact of the amendments on his practice, the Sedona Conference and what’s new in ESI trends. In the Bits & Bytes Legal Analysis segment, Kroll Ontrack’s Staff Attorney, Joni Shogren, gives her legal analysis on the facts surrounding Hawaiian Airlines v. Mesa Air Group and the sanctions issued in that case. Want to know more about legal technologies software tools and specifically e-mail analysis tools? On the Spotlight, Barry Dop, manager of the enterprise software group at Kroll Ontrack, gives his input on a new product, Ontrack Firstview, which focuses on early case assessment and e-mail analysis.

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