ESI Report

Law Schools Teaching ESI, White House E-mail Scandals, and Trial Consultants


On this edition of The ESI Report, host Michele Lange, Attorney and Director of Legal Technologies at Kroll Ontrack, starts off the show by getting the Buzz from William Hamilton, a partner at Holland and Knight and adjunct professor at the University of Florida. Professor Hamilton is joined by students, Matt Detzel and Adam Losey, as they talk about benefits of teaching E-Discovery. In the Bits & Bytes legal analysis segment, Kelly Kubacki, Kroll Ontrack’s Legal Correspondent, gives us the ins and outs of the White House E-Mail Scandal. And do you want to know more about trial consulting? Our Spotlight segment focuses on the life of a trial consultant, as Dan Wolfe discusses his experiences as Senior Trial Consultant and Director of Trial Consulting for TrialGraphix.

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