Digital Detectives

Data Breaches in the Healthcare Industry: Lessons for Law Firms

The first thing guest Alan Goldberg highlighted was the colossal cost of data breaches. He explained that the minimum cost is $100,000 and it has the potential to amount to millions. In this edition of Digital Detectives, your hosts Sharon Nelson and John Simek invite Goldberg to discuss the usual reasons for a breach, likely consequences, prevention, and more.

Goldberg is a solo practitioner in McLean, Virginia. A past President of the American Health Lawyers Association, he teaches Health Law and Health and Information Technology as an adjunct professor at American University, Washington College of Law, and George Mason University School of Law.

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  • Norma Fuchs

    At work we use exchange email
    with Intermedia’s cloud. It keeps our material completely safe and secure and
    helps prevent these kinds of problems. Also, since it isn’t onsite, you are even protected in the event of your computer crashing. I remember years ago, when my computer died, I had to pay for data recovery services, and with the cloud you don’t need to worry about that.