Boston Bar

Lawyer Advertising


All lawyers advertise, from the tender of a business card to the employment of a state of the art website and Radio/TV ads. Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, lawyers are in the business of getting and keeping business. Some say lawyer advertising has gone too far and reflects poorly upon a noble profession.

Boston area Trial Attorneys Paul Kenney and Jim Brady, hosts of “The Boston Bar: Myth & Magic – Being a Trial Lawyer in the America of Today” take on this hot-button topic. Special guests on the show are James G. Sokolove, Esq. on the whys and wherefores that have motivated him to engage in cutting edge nationwide advertising and to build an extraordinarily successful law business.

You will also hear from Professor Paul Teich, Associate Dean of New England School of Law, who has studied the subject matter extensively and teaches a course entitled Contemporary Criticisms of Lawyers and the Law.