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Clio Cloud 2016: Supercharge Your Firm with Zapier

As law firms seek ways to improve efficiency, increase their earnings, and broaden their client base many attorneys find themselves focusing more time on the daily tasks needed to run their business rather than the actual practice of law. In this report from On The Road, host Laurence Colletti chats with Spera Law Group, LLC founding partner Andrew Legrand about Zapier, how it integrates into Clio, and how automation can aid attorneys by eliminating small mundane tasks.

On the Road

Clio Cloud 2016: Tech Competence in the Modern Law Firm

When addressing how resistant lawyers are to new technology, many people believe that the issue is simply generational and that millennial attorneys will fill that void. In this report from On The Road, host Joe Patrice speaks with Procertas founder Casey Flaherty and principal attorney Darth Vaughn about lawyer proficiency with currently available technology and the often overlooked skills gap present within the legal industry.

On the Road

Clio Cloud 2016: What Lawyers Can Learn From Accountants

For a long time data had shown that law firms generally generated more revenue than accounting firms overall. However, that trend has shifted within the last eight years with accounting firms enjoying greater fiscal success. What changes did the accounting world make that allowed them to surpass legal market revenue? In this report from On The Road, host Victor Li talks with Intuit small business ecosystem evangelist David Leary about the impact that embracing technology, adopting the cloud, and business innovations can have on legal industry earnings.

David Leary is a small business ecosystem evangelist at Intuit and an innovative force in the small business accounting world. His business sense, vast technical knowledge, and domain expertise has helped bridge the gap between developers, small business owners, and accountants. In his current role, David focuses on bringing third party SaaS solutions that work with QuickBooks Online to Apps.com. In 2015, David was named by Accounting Today as a “One to Watch” in their Top 100 Most Influential People issue.

On the Road

Clio Cloud 2016: Exploring Clio’s New Law Firm Index Report

Often times when law firms are looking to improve they assess their internal processes in order to find areas that can be improved. However, what options are available for lawyers who want to gauge the health and trends of the industry itself? In this report from On The Road, hosts Adriana Linares and Kimberly Sanchez speak with Clio Senior Vice President of Global Sales Steven Silberbach and Clio Vice President of Business Development George Psiharis about the law firm index report and what this data reveals about the legal marketplace.

Steven Silberbach is the senior vice president of global sales at Clio. Prior to joining in 2013, he spent 8 years in senior sales leadership roles at Salesforce.com. Steven is a cloud-computing evangelist with extensive experience in building high performance sales teams. Over the past 10 years, he has worked with businesses in every industry to harness the power of the cloud to drive growth, efficiency and innovation.

George Psiharis is the vice president of business development at Clio. He specializes in customer development and data operations. George has worked extensively with law schools, bar associations, and other legal professionals to help make information on cloud computing and law firm economics increasingly accessible.

On the Road

Clio Cloud 2016: Sharing Legal Trends Gathered with Clio

Competition can be tough in the legal marketplace and many law firms are constantly looking for resources to help them stay on the cutting edge. In this report from On The Road, host Joe Patrice interviews Clio COO and co-founder Rian Gauvreau about refinements coming to the software and collected legal trends that could help attorneys improve their law firms and legal practices.

Rian Gauvreau is the co-founder and chief operating officer for Clio.

Law Technology Now

Bringing Innovation to the Practice of Law

It is common within the business world for companies to take inventory of innovations happening within other industries and to adopt the most successful practices to help strengthen their own. However, the legal profession is a sector of the market that has a stigma for being resistant to change and late to adopt new things. In this episode of Law Technology Now, host Monica Bay speaks with Air Canada Labour and Employment Law Assistant General Counsel Fred Headon about the benefits that adopting successful procedures from other industries could bring to the practice of law.

Fred Headon is a past president of the Canadian Bar Association. He serves as chair of the CBA Legal Futures Initiative and is the assistant general counsel in-house for the labour and employment law team at Air Canada.

Digital Detectives

Encryption, Cyber Security, and Domestic Surveillance

In the wake of the Panama Papers breach, securing law firm and client data has been a huge concern for many practitioners in the legal space. Similarly, other information leaks like the Edward Snowden revelations have made the general public more aware of government surveillance than ever before. In this episode of Digital Detectives, hosts Sharon Nelson and John Simek sit down with executive director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation Cindy Cohn to discuss domestic surveillance concerns, encryption technology, and how lawyers and law firms can protect themselves and their clients from cyber attacks.

Cindy Cohn is the executive director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. From 2000-2015 she served as EFF’s Legal Director as well as its General Counsel. Ms. Cohn first became involved with EFF in 1993, when EFF asked her to serve as the outside lead attorney in Bernstein v. Dept. of Justice, the successful First Amendment challenge to the U.S. export restrictions on cryptography.

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ABA Journal: Legal Rebels

Dewey B Strategic’s Jean O’Grady leads lawyers through the tech maze

Most people see librarians as the quiet personification of technical obsolescence. Jean O’Grady is out to change that. The senior director of research and knowledge at DLA Piper in Washington, D.C., is at the forefront of pushing the legal industry toward embracing technology as a means of enhancing the practice of law. Through her acclaimed blog, Dewey B Strategic (which has been selected for the ABA Journal Blawg 100 every year since 2012), as well as through numerous public appearances and interviews, O’Grady informs lawyers about what the current legal tech landscape looks like and what kinds of innovative tools are at their disposal.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer

Law Enforcement and the Use of Robots

In July, a sniper, later identified as Micah Xavier Johnson, opened fire at a march against fatal police shootings, held in downtown Dallas, Texas, killing 5 police officers and wounding many others. After a 45 minute gun battle and hours of negotiation with the sniper, who was holed up in a parking garage, Dallas Police Chief David Brown gave an order to his SWAT team to come up with a plan to end the mayhem before more police officers were killed.  

This led to the use of as robot, the Remotec Androx Mark V A-1, manufactured by Northrup Grumman and a pound of C-4 explosive, which was sent in eventually killing the sniper.

Today on Lawyer 2 Lawyer, hosts J. Craig Williams and Bob Ambrogi  join attorney Edward Obayashi, deputy sheriff and legal advisor for the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office and Dr. Peter Asaro,  assistant professor and director of graduate programs for the School of Media Studies at the New School for Public Engagement, as they take a look at the recent tragedy in Dallas,  the use of robots by law enforcement, criticism, ethics, policy, and regulation when it comes to the use of robots.

Attorney Edward Obayashi is deputy sheriff and legal advisor for the Plumas County sheriff’s office and a licensed attorney in the State of California. Ed’s law office specializes in providing law enforcement legal services to California law enforcement agencies and he also serves as the legal advisor and a legal consultant for numerous law enforcement agencies in California. His duties include patrol, investigations, administration, training, and providing legal advice to department management and personnel.

Dr. Peter Asaro is a philosopher of science, technology, and media. Dr. Asaro is assistant professor and director of graduate programs for the School of Media Studies at the New School for Public Engagement in New York City. He is the co-founder of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control and has written on lethal robotics from the perspective of just war theory and human rights. Dr. Asaro’s research also examines agency and autonomy, liability and punishment, and privacy and surveillance as it applies to consumer robots, industrial automation, smart buildings, and autonomous vehicles.

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New Solo

Lawyers Using Apple Mobile Devices in Their Practice

In this episode of New Solo, Adriana Linares talks with Adams and Reese LLP Partner Jeff Richardson about publishing his blog “iPhone J.D.” and his tip for lawyers using Apple mobile products. Jeff opens the interview with a brief history of his occupational past and talks about his New Orleans upbringing. He states that his law practice focuses on class action and complex litigation typically representing defendants when they are sued and that half of his work is appellate practice for all sorts of clients. His firm operated on both Macs and PCs at one time but decided to become a PC-only firm in the early 2000s. As a long time Mac user in both his personal and professional life, Jeff started his blog in 2008, focusing on discussing the different ways attorneys can use Apple mobile technology in their law practices and firms. He notes that all tech today is complicated and emphasizes how learning the little things about a device can make people both happy and productive. Jeff covers the top 3 questions lawyers ask him about Apple mobile platforms and goes in depth on the importance of choosing the right size of product for your everyday legal needs. He closes the interview with his list of the 6 apps that lawyers can’t live without and a few examples of how he uses mobile devices in the courtroom.

Jeff Richardson focuses on class action and complex litigation, but also devotes a large portion of his practice to appellate litigation. He has defended numerous clients in high-stakes product liability litigation and publishes “iPhone J.D.,” a website for attorneys who use iPhones and iPads that has been named to the ABA Journal Blawg Hall of Fame. Jeff received his J.D. with high honors from Georgetown University Law Center in 1994, and earned his B.A. with highest honors from Emory University in 1991.

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