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Kennedy-Mighell Report

Dennis and Tom go to ABA TECHSHOW 2015

ABA TECHSHOW 2015 was recently held in Chicago from April 16th through the 18th. This popular legal technology conference featured presentations about a paperless office, the iPad, security, marketing, the cloud, Microsoft Office, and much more. At ABA TECHSHOW, Dennis and Tom presented, hosted and participated in podcasts, attended sessions and events, toured the exhibit floor, and socialized, all in order to bring you the information you need to get up-to-date on what’s happening in legal technology. As always, they are happy to make this kind of sacrifice to help their audience.

In this episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell reflect on their experiences at ABA TECHSHOW 2015, share notes on legal technology trends and products, and have the aftershow discussion that they didn’t have time to have at the conference. In a general overview, Kennedy discussed spending time at the concierge desk and catching up with old connections. Mighell commented on how the conference is about building relationships, gaining outstanding technology education, and interacting personally with vendors. The hosts also discuss top highlights from ABA TECHSHOW, new products that excited them (pay attention for Legaler, Zola, and others), and the Appathon hosted by the ABA Legal Technology Research Center (LTRC). Finally, Kennedy and Mighell analyze whether similar conferences are still relevant as and how ABA TECHSHOW might be adapted to a global legal community in the future.

In the second part of the podcast, Kennedy and Mighell ponder why lawyers are so hesitant to purchase even the most reasonably priced apps. Apps like Trialpad might cost $89.99, but they are well worth the price and cheaper than desktop alternatives. However, lawyers seem to complain about even paying $.99 for an app that can provide them with much more than the free option. What is the mentality behind these purchases? As always, stay tuned for Parting Shots, that one tip, website, or observation you can use the second the podcast ends.

Special Reports

20 Blawggers in 20 Minutes: Legal Blogs in 60 Seconds

Beer for Bloggers is a cooperative social event in its 8th year at ABA TECHSHOW between the ABA Journal and LexBlog, which celebrates law blogging and law bloggers. Legal Talk Network producer Laurence Colletti sits down with 20 blogging lawyers to highlight their blog(s) in 60 seconds or less.

Below is a comprehensive list of the blogs mentioned, where to find them, their main topics, and the authors’ Twitter handles.

Twenty Legal Technology Bloggers:

ABA Journal: Law News NowAny breaking legal news that lawyers might find important.
Molly McDonough

The Legal Research & Writing Pro Blog – Legal writing tips, practice management, and other tips for solo and small firm attorneys.
Lisa Solomon

The Dallas Divorce Law Blog – Dallas and Texas family law issues.
Michelle O’Neil

LawBiz Blog – Teaches lawyers how to work with clients and make money with less stress.
Ed Poll

Katrina Brundage – Innovation, data, law, and technology. Legal technology events from a law student’s point of view and ways to use data analytics.
Katrina Brundage

DennisKennedy.Blog – Legal technology, technology law, the future of law practice, podcasting, and social media since 2003.
Dennis Kennedy

The Legal Ease Blog – Practice management, time management, tools, ethics, legal marketing, and social media for lawyers and law firms.
Allison Shields

Inter Alia – Internet legal research, legal technology, personal technology, and technology with social media since 2002.
Tom Mighell

Technology Toolbox – ACC Docket – Technology of the law rather than the law of technology (requires login).
Doing It Better – ACC Docket – Legal operations and success stories of improved legal departments.
Inside Counsel – How to run a legal department more like the business it serves.
Casey Flaherty

Legaler – Lifestyle blog for lawyers. What’s happening outside of your life in the law.
Jacqui Walker

Ernie the Attorney – A personal blog about lawyers seeking efficient enlightenment.
Ernie Svenson

JASNWILSN – Legal publishing, legal technology, and various observations, musings, and ramblings.
Jason Wilson

Thoughtful Legal Management – Practice management advice including technology and finance.
David Bilinsky

ABA Journal: Law News Now – Breaking news on a wide range of legal topics.
Lee Rawles

Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog – Short, simple, and easy to read law practice tips for all lawyers.
Jim Calloway

Indy Franchise Law – Advice for responsible buying and selling of franchises or turning your company into a franchise.
Josh Brown

AvoidAClaim Blog – Helps lawyers avoid claims. Latest legal frauds.
Slaw – #1 Canadian legal blog with articles from lawyers all over Canada.
Dan Pinnington

Above the Law – Legal industry gossip about biglaw, government jobs, small practices, and anything else newsworthy in law.
AssociatesMind – Longest running professional development site for new lawyers.
Keith Lee

Think Pink Law – The life of a law student in Boston.
Legally Blond BOS – Estate planning, family law, and fun stories.
Julie Tolick

InsideLegal – The insider’s guide to doing business in legal technology, news events, products, and market research.
Jobst Elster

Special Reports

2015 ABA TECHSHOW: Interview with Legal Talk Network Hosts

Legal Talk Network producer Laurence Colletti interviews Digital Detectives and The Digital Edge host Sharon Nelson, Digital Detectives host John Simek, The Kennedy-Mighell Report host Dennis Kennedy, and ABA Journal: Asked and Answered host Stephanie Francis Ward at the 2015 ABA TECHSHOW. Each host briefly explains the topics discussed in their podcast and discusses preparation for and excitement about the conference. Learn more about the background of these tech-savvy hosts and whether their podcasts might peak your interest.

Special Reports

2015 ABA TECHSHOW: “How To” Use Yelp, Evernote, and Be Mobile Friendly

Legal Talk Network producer Laurence Colletti interviews three presenters from the “How-To…” Track of the 2015 ABA TECHSHOW. Philippe Doyle Gray discusses how lawyers can use Evernote as a digital extension of their memories to increase efficiency and space for critical thinking. Samantha Meinke talks about taking control of a law firm or lawyer’s online reputation by claiming and optimizing your Yelp profile. Cody Heinz emphasizes the increasing importance of having a website that is mobile friendly or easy to read and understand on a cell phone or tablet. All three experts give a brief explanation of their presentation, how much time they spent preparing, and how lawyers who are listening can find out more.

Philippe Doyle Gray is a barrister from Sydney, Australia, practicing civil law for document intensive commercial disputes involving fraud. He was recently elected to be a member of the Law Practice Division council and at ABA TECHSHOW, he spoke about about Evernote software in a session titled “How to Never Forget Anything – Incorporating Evernote Into Your Practice.”

Samantha Meinke is the communications manager for the State Bar of Michigan. She is a marketing specialist who teaches lawyers how to market their law firms and legal programs. Her presentation was titled “Clients are Yelping You – How to Use Yelp to Market Your Law Firm.”

Cody Hinze is a front-end website engineer and developer in Lansing, Michigan. He also teaches professionals how to develop websites with a user-experience design.

Special Reports

2015 ABA TECHSHOW: Randy Juip Shares a Few Technology Tips or Tricks

Legal Talk Network producer Laurence Colletti interviews attorney Randy Juip about his three presentations at the 2015 ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago. Juip presented in the Litigation Track, the Mac Track, and as a part of “60 Tips in 60 Minutes” during the General Session. On the podcast, he shares a couple of tips about best tool use and how to keep busy if you’re bored with no wifi.

Randy Juip is an attorney from Detroit, Michigan, where he practices general complex civil defense for physicians, hospitals, and physicians groups. He is a very active trial lawyer, trying 70 trial cases over his career. He is a technology enthusiast and he loves the ABA TECHSHOW.

Special Reports

2015 ABA TECHSHOW: Using Your iPad for Client Intake Through Trial

Legal Talk Network producer Laurence Colletti interviews Judge Herbert Dixon, Jonathan Lomurro, and Bjorn Christensen, who spoke on the iPad Track during 2015 ABA TECHSHOW. During the track, presenters explained how to input documents, work with them, manipulate them, and then create a presentation, all on an iPad. Judge Dixon, Lomurro, and Christensen each discuss their favorite iPad features and apps for trial lawyers and analyze the growing influence of the iPad as a laptop-replacement tool.

Judge Herbert Dixon has been a judge in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia for 30 years, where he helps develop the technology-enhanced courtrooms. He is a former member of the ABA TECHSHOW Board and writes a technology column for the Judge’s Journal. With a keen interest in technology, he often finds himself involved in issues related to law and technology.

Jonathan Lomurro is a plaintiff, personal injury, and medical malpractice attorney from New Jersey. His love of technology has led him to lecture and write on it for many years.

Bjorn Christensen, a practicing lawyer from Manitoba, Canada, has gained such an interest in practice management that he advises many other local attorneys. As he says, “Technology is practice now. If you want to do practice management advice, you have to know technology.”

Special Reports

2015 ABA TECHSHOW: Manage Your Documents by Manipulating Your PDFs

Legal Talk Network host Adriana Linares interviews lawyer and litigator technology expert Mark Metzger at the 2015 ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago. Metzger, who gave a presentation at the conference on technological solutions for litigation, discusses the importance of turning files into, manipulating, and using PDFs. Along with suggesting apps like Keynote, Callout, and Trialpad, he addresses the issue of lawyers not wanting to pay for apps at all.

Mark Metzger is an attorney at the Law Office of Mark C. Metzger in the Chicago area. His firm practices business law and small business startup planning, estate planning, and real estate. A frequent speaker on the use of iPad and Macintosh technology in the practice of law, he has been involved in ABA TECHSHOW for 6 years.

Special Reports

2015 ABA TECHSHOW: Alternative Fees, Automation, and Analytics for Firm Success

Legal Talk Network producer Laurence Colletti interviews Britt Lorish, Peggy Gruenke, and Haley Odom Ackerman, three Practice Management Track presenters at the 2015 ABA TECHSHOW. Lorish discusses the pressure for lawyers and law firms to move away from the billable hour, Gruenke explains how automating and documenting processes can increase efficiency, and Ackerman gives some examples of analytics reports most firms should be running but are not. With Colletti, they discuss some of the highlights of the conference.

Britt Lorish is the managing partner of Affinity Consulting Group’s Virginia office and was the chair of 2013 ABA TECHSHOW. Affinity Consulting Group helps law firms with document management, document assembly, practice management, time billing and accounting, speech solutions, and process management.

Peggy Gruenke has her own practice in Cincinnati and Legal Biz Success, a company that advises with solos and small firm attorneys on business affairs, including operations, finance, and technology.

Haley Odom Ackerman is the founder of Odom Ackerman Consulting in Austin. She works with large and small law firms to help them implement technology solutions including case management protocols, document management tools and processes, and cloud-based or hard install technologies.

Special Reports

2015 ABA TECHSHOW: Online Legal Research with Carole Levitt

Legal Talk Network producer Laurence Colletti interviews internet research expert Carole Levitt at the 2015 ABA TECHSHOW. Levitt discusses her book, “Internet Legal Research on a Budget” and her speaking event at the conference, “Bing, Google, Duck, Yahoo: How to search for anything and find it.” Tune in for tips on effective online research for lawyers.

Previously a law librarian, Carole Levitt is now president for Internet for Lawyers, which she started in 1999. Internet for Lawyers teaches lawyers how to do online investigations to find background information on people, their own parties, opposing clients, companies, and topics relevant to a case.

Special Reports

2015 ABA TECHSHOW: Who’s Afraid of the Paperless Workflow

Legal Talk Network producer Laurence Colletti interviews Paperless Track presenters Nancy Duhon, Bryan Sims, and Ernie Svenson at the 2015 ABA TECHSHOW. Sims discusses treating, naming, and charting paperless documents in your office and how resistant lawyers can plan to go paperless on a timeline. Duhon talks about document management systems and processes and paying for the proper software. Svenson urges lawyers to learn to use their document manipulation softwares effectively and gives some tips about redaction. These are the experts when it comes to a paperless law office.

Nancy Duhon practices in Atlanta, Georgia, and is a member of the Louisiana Bar and the Georgia Bar. She has spent 20 years working mostly with solo and small firms on implementing technology in their office for time billing, practice management, and a paperless office (low paper workflow).

Bryan Simms is a solo attorney who practices commercial litigation in the Chicago area. His practice is as paperless as it can be.

Ernie Svenson, also known as “Ernie the Attorney,” practiced commercial litigation for 26 years in New Orleans. He now helps other lawyers with computers, going paperless, and automating tasks.

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