Legal Talk Network Moves to New Studio in Denver


Following the recent acquisition by legal-focused online marketing company Lawgical, Legal Talk Network has now moved production to a studio based in Denver, Colorado. The new studio features equipment and software built specifically to accommodate the needs and high-quality expectations of Legal Talk Network’s listeners, hosts, and sponsors.

“We’re excited to have Denver as the new home of Legal Talk Network’s production,” CTO Trent Carlyle said. “With Denver being named a top 10 city for tech startups by USA Today, it’s great to see the well-established Legal Talk Network join that local tech community and help it grow.” Although production is based in Denver, it’s important to note that show hosts and guests are scattered throughout various cities across the country.

In moving production to Denver, the audio engineers and producers were able to re-evaluate the show’s equipment, production process, and general needs while looking at ways to improve process and quality. During the network’s acquisition period, nearly every component of the recording and editing process was audited. Processing gear was pulled, re-evaluated, and ultimately upgraded where it would improve the clarity of the content. From outboard hardware and internal software to production processes and show distribution, the engineers and production team have fully re-envisioned the capabilities of Legal Talk Network.

“Moving production to Denver and taking a fanatical look at the equipment,” CEO Adam Camras said. “This process has really given us the opportunity to take a look at how we can further Legal Talk Network’s existing standards of top quality and ultimately expand our listener base to grow the network.”

Two podcasts, Taking Control of Your Mobile Apps and Digital Cameras in Law: Are Smartphones Good Enough? mark the network’s first productions from the Denver studio. Both podcasts were for the network’s Kennedy-Mighell report, hosted by attorneys Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell.

Legal Talk Network Acquired by Lawgical


We are excited to announce that Lawgical, a leader in online marketing and innovative web-based solutions for legal professionals, has acquired Legal Talk Network. The award-winning online media network joins Lawgical’s portfolio of legal support networks and will continue provide high quality podcasts that showcase timely legal news and issues.

Lu Ann Reeb, the Emmy award winning broadcast journalist who founded Legal Talk Network, said, “We’re thrilled that Lawgical is taking over Legal Talk Network. The great team at Lawgical is positioned well to provide the vision, direction, staff, and resources to grow Legal Talk Network as a first of its kind network and to become even more robust than it is today.” Reeb said the potential to grow Legal Talk Network through its acquisition through Lawgical is very gratifying for her.

Legal Talk Network joins Lawgical’s growing portfolio, which includes ServeNow, PInow, AboutBail, and nearly 20 other legal-related brands. While the company offers marketing and software solutions, Lawgical has a long-standing history of producing and distributing content for legal professionals in a variety of formats. Lawgical is also the company behind TweetLaw, a leader in sharing information to the fast-paced legal community on Twitter.

“Our acquisition of Legal Talk Network brings Lawgical’s industry knowledge and experience together with the incredible hosts and highly educational legal content of Legal Talk Network, creating an industry leading resource of legal professionals,” Lawgical and now Legal Talk Network CEO Adam Camras said.

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