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Videos, Podcasts, and Pictures from ABA TECHSHOW 2017


By Kelsey Johnson

This past week we packed up recording equipment, five employees, and our enthusiasm for legal technology and headed to ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago for three days of panels, social media coverage, podcasting, and our second annual year of streaming TECHSHOW Today LIVE. The conference atmosphere has taken a turn from a focus on software and convenience to topics like access to justice, diversity, and immigration. In the current political climate, many lawyers (well, most people) are turning their attention to social issues, and ABA TECHSHOW 2017 was no different. But don’t worry, there were still plenty of tips and tricks to using tech and advice for law firm management and marketing. And we attempted to capture it all. While we may have fallen short of that impossible task, we did record 18 episodes of On The Road with Legal Talk Network and six TECHSHOW Today videos, all available for your consumption pleasure. Check it out!


All ABA TECHSHOW Today videos available on our blog and on YouTube.

On The Road Interviews from ABA TECHSHOW 2017:

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The lesser known Legal Talk Network employees at Denver International Airport.
The lesser known Legal Talk Network employees at Denver International Airport. On our way!

Amani Smathers, Gina Bongiovi, and Christopher Anderson.
Amani Smathers and Gina Bongiovi on the top and Christopher Anderson stopped by to interview.

ABA Law Student Podcast host Sandy Gallant-Jones with a puppy.
ABA Law Student Podcast host Sandy Gallant-Jones falls in love with a puppy. Her husband said she’s not allowed to bring it home.

View of snowy Chicago and Lake Michigan.
Beautiful snowy Chicago.

Dennis Kennedy, Tom Mighell, and Laurence Colletti in the background.
Producer Laurence Colletti photobombs a great picture of Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell from The Kennedy-Mighell Report.

Laurence Colletti with a puppy.
Laurence Colletti breaks down and holds a puppy. He’s really a softy at heart.

ABA TECHSHOW Today panel with Tom Mighell, Dennis Kennedy, Debbie Foster, and Steve Best.
ABA TECHSHOW Today panel with Tom Mighell, Dennis Kennedy, Debbie Foster, and Steve Best.

Kimberly Faber and Adam Lockwood.
Behind the scenes with Producer Kimberly Faber and Audio Engineer Adam Lockwood.

Kelsey Johnson and Laurence Colletti taking a goofy selfie.
Kelsey Johnson and Laurence Colletti take a goofy selfie.

Sharon Nelson and Linda Klein laughing.
Sharon Nelson and Linda Klein are clearly old friends.

The whole Legal Talk Network team.
Before we flew back to our respective states, we got together for one last photo.

On The Road Reports from ABA TECHSHOW 2017


It’s ABA TECHSHOW time again and Legal Talk Network was in the expo hall recording interviews with presenters from varying topics from the conference. Tune in to catch up on some information you may have missed!

You can listen to the episodes below. Subscribe to On The Road in iTunes to receive alerts when new reports and interviews from upcoming conferences are available.

Devil is in the Details

Amani Smathers and Gina Bongiovi talk about process mapping and how it can improve your legal business management.

Essential Digital Tools for Growing Your Practice

Tim Baran of Good2bSocial talks about blogging, websites, and essential DIY tools to market your legal practice online.

Use Performance Data to Improve Your Law Practice

George Psiharis and Billie Tarascio talk about how you can use big performance data to improve your law practice.

Behind the Scenes with Practice Management Software

Bob Ambrogi discusses the advantages of practice management software with Niki Black, legal technology evangelist at MyCase.

Secure Your Legal Data!

Sherri Davidoff and John Simek talk about cheap (or free) ways to keep your legal data secure.

Evolution of the Legal Industry with Mark Britton

Mark Britton, founder and CEO of Avvo, talks about how law firms are becoming more customer-centric and using technology to do so.

How to Pitch to the Media and get Exposure for Your Firm

What’s the best ways for lawyers to pitch to the media in order to get exposure for your legal practice or firm.

Don’t Be Afraid of Unbundled Legal Services

Shantelle Argyle talks about how lawyers can unbundle their services and actually turn a profit.

Why Invest in Managed Service Providers (MSP)?

Tom Lambotte and Stanley Louissaint about managed service providers (MSP) and the role they play in a successful law firm.

Why Busy Lawyers Lack Focus

Heidi Alexander and Vedia Jones-Richardson discuss the importance of focus in the workplace, especially for legal professionals.

Why Robots Won’t Take Lawyer Jobs

Andrew Arruda, Shamla Naidoo, and Ed Walters talks about artificial intelligence and how technology is helping lawyers, not replacing them.

Alternative Uses for Your Law Degree

Stacy Stern, Nicole Bradick, and Dan Lear talk about alternate ways to use your law degree.

Lawyer Work-Life Management with GTD

Two legal professionals who have switched to the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology explain how to get started to increase your productivity.

LegalZoom and the Democratization of Law

Host Joshua Lenon has a conversation with John Suh, CEO of LegalZoom, about the mission of the company and how it functions.

Rocket Lawyer Aims to Improve Access to Justice

Charley Moore, CEO of Rocket Lawyer, discusses how his company aims to make lawyers more accessible to those that need them the most.

Women Are Powerful in Legal Technology

A discussion on why it’s important to promote women’s roles in the legal industry and what specific characteristics women have to improve the tech field.

Time-Saving Apps that will Boost Your Productivity

Tech tips, life hacks, and useful apps that can increase lawyers’ productivity while also helping them manage security and marketing.

ABA Center for Innovation Takes on Access to Justice

Judy Perry Martinez discusses the American Bar Association Center for Innovation and what qualities the program looks for in a fellow.

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For more from ABA TECHSHOW, including video interviews, blogs, photos, and more, read TECHSHOW Today: Video Interviews from ABA TECHSHOW.

Watch Live Interviews on TECHSHOW Today


If you are looking for more from ABA TECHSHOW or weren’t able to attend the event, we have a treat for you! We recorded our LIVE interviews on TECHSHOW Today, and included them below for you to watch. Tune in to learn more about what happened at ABA TECHSHOW 2016, what’s in store for the conference in 2017 (which moves to the Hyatt) from 2017 co-chairs Tom Mighell and Debbie Reynolds, and more from speakers like Avvo CEO Mark Britton and the Women of Legal Tech panel.

What is TECHSHOW Today?

TECHSHOW Today is a live interview broadcast streamed directly from ABA Techshow.

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Morning Report

TECHSHOW Today and Kennedy-Mighell Report c0-host Dennis Kennedy, State Bar of Georgia Law Practice Management Program Director Natalie Kelley, The Digital Edge Co-Host Jim Calloway, and Legal Talk Network Executive Producer Laurence discuss the buzz of TECHSHOW and what’s developing in the legal space.

Midday Report

ABA TECHSHOW 2016 Chair Adriana Linares, Executive Director at Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Inc Kimberly Sanchez, and The Florida Bar Technology Chair John Stewart join TECHSHOW Today Host Dennis Kennedy to discuss the history of ABA TECHSHOW, how legal technology has evolved, how President Trump’s proposed budget would affect the legal community and particularly legal aid, and much more.


Afternoon Report

TECHSHOW Today co-hosts Dennis Kennedy and Steve Best are joined by Avvo CEO Mark Britton to discuss how technology has and continues to evolve, how Avvo works and why it works (as well as its 10 year history), and what attorneys need to do to grow and expand their practices.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Morning Report

Sam Glover of the Lawyerist joins TECHSHOW Today co-hosts Dennis Kennedy and Steve Best to talk about where the innovation is really happening in law, alternative conference concepts, and, of course, technology.

Midday Report

The Women of Legal Tech join TECHSHOW Today co-hosts Dennis Kennedy and Steve Best to discuss challenges women face in legal and, more specifically, in legal technology. My Virtual Law Firm Managing Attorney Brooke Moore, CuroLegal Chief Strategy Officer Nicole Bradick, ABA President Linda Klein, Mass LOMAP Law Practice Director Heidi Alexander, and Palladin Founder Kristen Sonday discuss challenges women face in legal careers, including barriers to entry, the unique challenges facing not only women in general but mothers and minorities, and how this generation of women in legal can shape and help the next generation. The panel also shares that the majority of this year’s TECHSHOW speakers were women and discuss the positive changes they’ve seen in the industry.

Afternoon Report

In the final LIVE report from TECHSHOW Today, ABA TECHSHOW 2017 co-chairs Tom Mighell and Debbie Reynolds join hosts Dennis Kennedy and Steve Best to wrap up TECHSHOW, discuss the changes that are in store for next year (the conference will be moving to a new hotel), and what to expect from the 2017 conference. The interview gets a couple of very special guests: ABA TECHSHOW 2016 Chair Adriana Linares and her furry sidekick (and newly crowned TECHSHOW Today mascot) Rebel, adopted directly from the exhibit hall floor.

Want More?

That’s a wrap for TECHSHOW Today and the 2016 conference, but stay tuned! 2017’s TECHSHOW Today will be bigger and better than ever. To catch more videos like these and to make sure you don’t miss TECHSHOW Today 2017, like Legal Talk Network on Facebook.

The Work-Life Balancing Act: How to be a Lawyer and a Human Simultaneously


Man holding a tablet against a desk next to a keyboard. The tablet has health stats and says Healthy Life.

by Samantha Cole

Chances are, you’re stressed out about something at this very moment. Maybe it’s an overload at work, maybe it’s not seeing enough of your family or friends, or maybe Netflix just added a super cool show and you don’t have time to watch it. Whatever it is, know you’re not alone. Legal professionals have a lot on their shoulders and sometimes it seems like maintaining a life outside of work is a job in itself, but not to worry! We’ve gathered some podcasts that will give you some tips and tricks for balancing your responsibilities.

How can attorneys get help without harming their careers?

With such a stressful profession, many attorneys face addiction and other mental health issues. If you find yourself struggling–or know another lawyer who is–what resources are out there?

Success in Your Remote Workplace

Whether it is from a coffee shop, home office, or library, more people than ever are working remotely. If this is your company and you are already working from home, or thinking about starting to do so, what are the main considerations and best practices to put into place?

An Innovative Law Firm with Work-Life Balance, with Betsy Stotler & Kelly Hayes

Betsy Stotler and Kelly Hayes started Burgeon Legal because they were two lawyer-moms who didn’t like the way their firm jobs took up so much of their time. In this episode, they explain how that led them to found an innovative, distributed law firm that balances work, life, and clients.

Clio Cloud 2015: Work-Life Balance for Lawyers with Jeena Cho

Like many other lawyers, at one point in her career Cho found herself burnt out and overly stressed. Through general awareness, regular self check-ins, and mindfulness, Cho explains, anxious lawyers can improve their quality of life.

Going Mobile without Losing Balance, with Kristin LaMont

Sam talks with Kristin LaMont, lawyer and adjunct professor, about how to maintain your work-life balance when your firm goes mobile.

What it Means to Have a “Human” Practice, with Julie Tolek

Sam and Julie Tolek chat about what it means to be a solo lawyer and how to create a brand experience that doesn’t intimidate clients. Julie also tells us about how she manages her client tasks and what it takes to maintain a work-life balance in the legal field.

The Home Office: Setting it Up, Making it Work, and Managing Work/Life Demands

Office space is becoming less common as lawyers and entrepreneurs experiment with communal work spaces and home offices. Kelli Proia has mastered the ways of a stay at home attorney and works from home full time.

Time is the New Green: Tips and Tools to Optimize Your Life

Vicki Voisin talks to Adam Camras, CEO of Lawgical. Paralegals and other legal professionals save time by outsourcing, staying healthy, and even using a standing desk. Using these hacks and Vicki’s closing tips can help you dedicate more time to the important things in your life and career.

Paralegal Career 101: Dealing with Work-Related Stress

Lynne DeVenny and Vicki Voisin explore the different kinds of work-related stressors many paralegals face on a day-to-day basis.

Home Tech vs Work Tech: Managing the Intersection

Many lawyers have multiple smart phones, calendars, computer operating systems, or even versions of Microsoft Office. Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell discuss managing multiple tech personalities, how to bridge the gap (or not), and ways lawyers can organize their technology.

A Time to Learn: 2017 Goals and Tech Resolutions

Along with advice to lawyers and legal professionals about keeping their professional resolutions, Dennis and Tom share their approach to making and keeping attainable goals.

Do you have other podcasts that have helped you balance being a lawyer with your personal life? Let us know at or on Twitter at @LegalTalkNet.