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Highlights and Interviews From the 2014 Workers Injury Law and Advocacy Group Conference


The 2014 Workers Injury Law and Advocacy Group (WILG) conference at the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara, California was a central event during pivotal times for workers’ compensation lawyers. The tenor of tones seems to indicate that change is coming and that such change will be sweeping. As outgoing President of WILG Chuck Davoli stated during his interview with Alan Pierce (host of Workers Comp Matters), “It’s not a matter of if change is coming, it’s a matter of how much and from where.” His further remarks discussed implications from the Affordable Care Act as well as the rising nation-wide prominence of pro-business interests.

Alan Pierce and one of our producers took the time to sit down with some of the speakers to capture what was most important from the conference. From Lewis Heller’s concise interview on the history of workers’ compensation law to keynote speaker Jason Schechterle’s story of surviving an incident in which his police car was hit by another vehicle going 100 miles per hour, there is something for everybody.

For a complete list of interviews, see below.

Among the many shared concerns for this group of mostly plaintiff’s attorneys are the reduction of no-fault coverage for employees hurt on the job, unification of insurance policies under both A.C.A. and existing workers’ compensation structures, and combination of legislative actions and court decisions stemming from Florida (often referred to as the “Tipping Point”). For those interested in this area of law, the WILG Conference was an ideal event to attend. Not only did attendees have access to industry leaders such as incoming WILG President Michael Galpern, who measures his experience in decades rather than years, but they were also the benefactor of a helpful staff and speakers on pressing issues.

Interviews with Speakers and Attendees of the 2014 Clio Cloud Conference


In late September we had the privilege of attending the 2014 Clio Could Conference (#ClioCloud9) in Chicago. This was a great opportunity for our hosts to mingle with some of the key leaders within the legal industry, and also gave hosts and producers a chance to interview some of the big speakers at the event.

Bob Ambrogi, co-host of Lawyer 2 Lawyer, kicked off our interview sessions by speaking with Jack Newton, CEO of Clio. Keynote speaker Richard Susskind discusses his presentation, and other interviewees offered their expertise on topics like data collection, customer service, social media, generational differences, digital marketing, culture, and the latest in legal technology trends. Here is a complete list of the interviews:

These experts give some great insights into the state of technology in law, as well as tips for how lawyers can adapt and what to look for in the future.

Special thanks to Clio for hosting a great event and for their continued support as a sponsor of Lawyer 2 Lawyer! To learn more about Clio and the latest technology trends, listen to Gone Clio.